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Rader's German Shorthairs

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  Sire of litter, Gauge XIII, owner Derrick Rader of Reno, NV.Dam of litter, Lady 4th of Jilly (Jill), owner Dylan Rader of Spring Creek, NV.

Pictures of Gauge (Sire) and Jill (Dam):

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Gauge and Derrick Rader after a successful hunt in the Pine Forest Mountains September 2005.

Gauge and Derrick back at the truck.

Front view of sire Gauge.

Gauge from the side.

Gauge looking for a scent while hunting.

Gauge as a pup at 8 weeks old.

Jill chukar hunting in November 2005.

Jill in December 2005.

Picture of Jill from the front in December of 2005.

Jill on point.

Jill dropping pheasant after retrieve.

Jill as a pup at 7 weeks old.

Jill in December 2005.

Jill on point while pheasant hunting in December 2005.

Successful day of pheasant hunting on the Willow Creek Ranch near Elko, NV.

Jill retrieving a pheasant in December 2005.

Chuckar hunting in December 2005.

Jill showing a steady whoa.


Video of Jill (Requires Windows Media Player):

Pointing Chukar During Field Training August 2004 (2.12 Mb)

Pheasant Hunting at Willow Creek Ranch December 2005 (3.9 Mb)

    <--Link to Download Windows Media Player

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Information About the German Shorthaired Pointer:


The German Shorthaired Pointer is a clean-cut, lean, well-balanced, hunting dog with an elegantly chiseled head. The muzzle is long, but never pointed. The length of the muzzle should be the same as the length of the skull. Unlike the English Pointer, the occipital bone is not very conspicuous nor is there a pronounced stop. The almond-shaped eyes and nose are brown. The eyes have an intelligent, good-humored expression. A large nose is preferred. The larger the better. The broad ears are set high and lie close to the head. The teeth should form a scissors bite. The short, dense, sleek coat should be solid liver or liver & white, patched, ticked or roan. The only permitted colors are liver and white. The skin should be tight. The tail is customarily docked by 60% (the dog should be able to sit on his tail), and the dewclaws removed. The feet are webbed. The German Shorthaired Pointer is a little smaller than the standard Pointer.


The German Shorthaired Pointer is very energetic, smart and willing to please. Cheerful and friendly, he likes children. Loyal and protective, he loves all family members equally, especially if they are carrying the leash, car key, gun or Frisbee. They are very people-oriented, and not happy if isolated from the family. If exercised sufficiently once or twice a day, the German Shorthaired Pointer makes a very agreeable family companion. If left to his own devices for long periods without exercise or companionship, he can become destructive and nervous. Males tend to be more outgoing and are more aggressive hunters than females. Females tend to be less dominant. Energy levels vary somewhat, as litters bred for high performance field competition may require more activity than the average Shorthair. If raised with other dogs and cats from puppyhood, the German Shorthaired Pointer does quite well; however, he is a hunting dog by nature. This breed likes to bark and they are reserved with strangers.

Height, Weight

Height: Dogs 23-25 inches (59-64 cm.) Bitches 21-23 inches (53-58 cm.)
Weight: Dogs 55-70 pounds (25-32 kg.) Bitches 45-60 pounds (20-27 kg.)

Living Conditions

This breed is not recommended for apartment life and does best with a large yard and an athletic family. At least a 6-foot high fence is necessary. Bored Shorthairs can become escape artists. Does well in most climates.


Exercise is of paramount importance for these tireless energetic animals. They are more than a match for even the most active family and they should not be taken on as family pets unless they can be guaranteed plenty of vigorous exercise.  If under-exercised, this breed can become restless and destructive.

Life Expectancy

About 12-15 years.


The smooth coat of the Pointer is very easy to groom. Just brush regularly with a firm bristle brush and bathe only when necessary. A rub with a piece of toweling or chamois will leave the coat gleaming. Check the feet also, especially after the dog has been exercising or working. Dry the dog thoroughly after hunting to prevent chilling. Examine the ears regularly. This breed is an average shedder.


Nineteenth-century German hunters required a dog with a good nose that would  point within a reasonable distance for a man hunting on foot. The dog needed to retrieve both fur and feather, from water or land, and also be a fine tracker. The German breeding incorporated the Old Spanish Pointer, Hounds of St. Hubert, the Foxhound, other hounds, and eventually the English Pointer, which made it faster and more energetic. Today's German Shorthaired Pointer is the successful result of the German hunters efforts. The German Shorthair is a versatile hunter and an all-purpose gun dog capable of high performance in both field and water. He is a fine natural retriever, an excellent companion for a hunter on foot, and requires little training. The German Shorthaired Pointer is an ideal dog for the weekend hunter who also wishes to own a bright, agreeable family companion and watchdog. Due to the breed's natural ability, German Shorthairs are campaigned successfully in the show ring, obedience and tracking trials, field trials, and hunting tests.

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Gauge's Pedigree:

Gauge XIII



Franks Rocky of Alacasam


White & Liver 

Patched & Ticked

Pepper Rex of Reno

Liver & White

Patched & Ticked

Sierra Brookman

White & Liver

Heidi Fine Fraulein

Liver & White

Little Miss Fahn Alagasan

White & Liver Ticked

Brenard Gustof Harris

White & Liver Ticked

Little Miss Spade Alagasan

White & Liver

Emerald City of Alagazam



King Brown Bartiof Alagasam


Franks Rocky of Alacasam

White & Liver

Patched & Ticked

Gretchen Von Kaplan Haus


Dixie's Fancie Britches

White & Liver Patched

Wayout Willie Der Orrian

White & Liver Ticked

Lyons Smokin Dixie

White & Liver


Jill's Pedigree:

Lady 4th of Jilly


White & Liver Ticked

Lee's Duke Von Hudson


Liver & White 

Patched & Ticked

Baron Von Hudson

Liver & White

Poco Grande's Gimmy Ringo           

Liver & White

Gilbars Raider

Liver Roan     

CMF's Rimfire's Calamity Jane

Liver & White Ticked 

Pepper's Double Trouble

Liver & White

Baron Von Felden


Pepper Von Ducseldorf

White & Liver     

Ketchum's Good Golly Miss Molly

White & Liver 

Patched & Ticked

Chocolate Moose II


Schauspeiler's Jagermeister

Liver & White     

Lady Girl Dela


Special K Kate

White & Liver 

Patched & Ticked

Special K Cody

White & Liver

Patched & Ticked          

Special K Princess Bell

White & Liver

Patched & Ticked       

Pretty Lady Mae


White & Liver

Patched & Ticked

Ludwig Von Bart

White & Liver Patched

Lehmschlogs Tango's Revenge 

White & Liver 

Patched & Ticked

FC AFC Lehmschlogs Rueben Kyle

White & Liver

Patched & Ticked       

Lehmschlogs Pagliacci

White & Liver

Patched & Ticked        

Axel Von Radbach's Blaze   

Liver & White Patched

Axel Von Radbach's Gustav

White & Liver  

Frauline Blitzen

White & Liver         

Et's Sadie May

White & Liver Patched


White & Liver Ticked

FC AFC Dutch Von Hainholz

Liver & White Ticked  

FC AFC Britanja Von Hainholz CD SH

Liver & White Ticked 

Evolution's Fancy Jackie  

Liver Ticked

NAFC FC AFC Beier's Evolution

Liver Roan                 

Sier Apollo Fancy Free

Liver & White


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*Red Denotes Field Champion

Litter Information:

Final Update (12/26/06):  Litter was sold in March of 2006, there will be no more litters available as Jill passed away after being hit by a car on December 22, 2006.   She lived 3 1/2 very happy years and will be missed.  



Update (1/28/06):  On the morning of January 25, Jill whelped a litter of 9.  This includes 5 females and 4 males, of which 6 are liver colored (with white patches on chest) and 3 are white and liver patched and ticked.  So far, mother and pups are doing well, tails were docked and dew claws removed today.  




Update (2/4/06): Posting individual pictures of each pup (click thumbnail to open full size picture in a new window).  Pups are now 10 days old and growing fast, named pups for the order in which they were born.  Jill had a rough time the first 4 days adjusting to being a first time mother, but after a visit to the vet she is doing great and putting weight back on.  I also registered the litter with AKC today.

Alpha2tendo.JPG (51182 bytes)

Alpha - Liver Female

Bravo1tendo.JPG (51262 bytes)

Bravo - Liver & Patched White Male

Charlie1tendo.JPG (40286 bytes)

Charlie - White & Liver Patched & Ticked Female

Delta2tendo.JPG (48483 bytes)

Delta - Liver Female

Echo1tendo.JPG (43235 bytes)

Echo - White & Liver Patched & Ticked  Female

Foxtrot2tendo.JPG (47705 bytes)

Foxtrot - Liver Male

Golf1tendo.JPG (37458 bytes)

Golf - White & Liver Patched & Ticked Female

Hotel1tendo.JPG (47917 bytes)

Hotel - Liver Male

India1tendo.JPG (51858 bytes)

India - Liver Male


Update (2/11/06):  Pups are now 17 days old and starting to walk, all eyes and ears are now open.  These pictures are the first time the pups have been outside of the garage.  It was a beautiful day so I thought they might like the grass.  White puppies (Charlie, Echo, Golf) are developing more ticking.  Pups will develop motor skills and should be walking around much better by the end of the week.



alpha_17do.JPG (158667 bytes)


bravo_17do.JPG (146433 bytes)


charlie_17do.JPG (143871 bytes)


delta_17do.JPG (150297 bytes)


echo_17do.JPG (143837 bytes)


foxtrot_17do.JPG (147618 bytes)


golf_17do.JPG (135785 bytes)


hotel_17do.JPG (136047 bytes)


india_17do.JPG (149910 bytes)



Update (2/16/06):  Pups are now 3 weeks old, starting to socialize and play with each other.  Beginning to feed canned puppy chow.  Motor skills are developing with coordination.




Update (2/22/06):  Pups are 4 weeks old, starting to develop personalities and aggressiveness in their play.  Classified ads set to begin running in Elko, Battle Mountain, and Winnemucca starting today.  Four dogs have been sold already;  Alpha (liver female), Bravo (liver male), Delta (liver female), and Echo (white/liver female).  Five dogs still available (2 F / 3M).


Update (2/26/06): Pups are now 32 days old.  All of the dogs have been sold except for one male that is still available.

Update (3/5/06):  All dogs  are now sold, Foxtrot was sold on Sunday night.

Alpha32do.JPG (104419 bytes)

Alpha - SOLD

Bravo32do.JPG (91569 bytes)

Bravo - SOLD

Charlie32do.JPG (107777 bytes)

Charlie - SOLD

Delta32do.JPG (77436 bytes)

Delta - SOLD

Echo32do.JPG (97929 bytes)

Echo - SOLD

Foxtrot32do.JPG (72921 bytes)

Foxtrot - SOLD 

Golf32do.JPG (106226 bytes)

Golf - SOLD

Hotel32do.JPG (85650 bytes)

Hotel - SOLD

India32do.JPG (93471 bytes)

India - SOLD


Update (3/9/06):  Pups were dewormed on Monday night and vaccinated with Solo-Jec 7 on Wednesday night, all went well.  They have been eating dry Purina Puppy Chow for the last 5 days.  Dogs are ready to be picked up starting Saturday, March 11th.  



Video of Pups Playing with Chukar Wing (1.9 Mb)

Video of Pups Playing with Chew Toys (2.9 Mb)


Update (10/2/06):  Here's some pics sent in by Wesley Pete of Lilly (Charlie) and from Ken Haase of Mocha (Delta).  Lou (Bravo) is the pup that we kept in the family, he belongs my brother-in-law Tracy Castro. Thanks for the pics,  good luck hunting this season seems to be a bumper year.  Dogs look great!  I'll post any other pictures owners want to send in.

lilly.jpg (112777 bytes)


lilly2.jpg (149446 bytes)


lilly3.jpg (158422 bytes)


mocha.jpg (101541 bytes)

mocha2.JPG (77528 bytes)


mocha3.JPG (84233 bytes)

loupup.jpg (60484 bytes)


lougrown.JPG (72704 bytes)


louhunt.JPG (66816 bytes)


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